Sellers Guide

Pricing your home realistically will ensure your property sells within an acceptable time-frame. Overpricing will lead to your house being over-exposed, and potential buyers will be suspicious of why your home has taken so long to sell. Should they decide to make an offer, it will probably be well below market related as a result. The buyer compares the amenities you offer to what other sellers in the same price range are offering. We will assist you in determining a realistic price for your property When buyers are viewing the property it is important that you allow the agent to accompany them through the house and let the agent do the talking and answer any questions the buyer may have. Buyers will also feel more relaxed to view the property without the presence of the seller.


Marketing strategy

At any given time we have a list of potential buyers and if what your property offers fits their requirements, we contact them first. The internet has become a very popular medium for buyers in their search for a property. As well as our own website, we also advertise all of our properties on Property 24 site which has proved to be extremely well used. We have buyers who are looking for an investment (buy to rent) and buyers looking for business opportunities such as properties suitable for Bed and Breakfast ventures.



We will give you feedback after every viewing. This will give you an indication of how the market is receiving your house.



All written offers will be presented to you as the seller. If the offer is not acceptable to you, we will assist you with a counter offer and present this to the potential buyer. In any negotiations on the price of the property we always set the seller's interest first as you are our client and have given us the mandate to sell your property.


Transfer Process

There are a number of steps that happen behind the scenes involving a number of different role players. At Greyton Estates we drive and monitor this process, ensuring that all the role players perform their responsibilities within an acceptable time-frame.


We will assist to make the transition an easy and pleasant experience. Remember to make provision for the following costs:

  • Estate Agents Commission
  • Electrical, gas and beetle certificates
  • Bond Cancellation